Synonyms and related words:
a few, affusion, aspergation, aspersion, attenuation, baptism, baptismal gown, baptismal regeneration, baptistery, baptizement, bath, bathing, bedewing, broadcast, broadcasting, cast, chrismal, christening, circumfusion, dampening, damping, dash, deluge, dewing, diffraction, diffusion, dilution, dispensation, dispersal, dispersion, dissemination, dissipation, distribution, divergence, drowning, dust, evaporation, expansion, few, flooding, font, fragmentation, gleam, handful, hint, hosing, hosing down, humidification, idea, immersion, infusion, inkling, intimation, inundation, irrigation, laving, lick, limited number, look, moistening, only a few, peppering, piddling few, piddling number, powdering, propagation, publication, radiation, rinsing, sauce, scattering, scatterment, scintilla, seasoning, shade, shadow, shotgun pattern, sip, smack, small number, smatter, smattering, smell, soupcon, sowing, sparging, spark, spatter, spattering, spice, splashing, splattering, splay, spraying, spread, spreading, strain, streak, strewing, submersion, suggestion, sup, suspicion, swashing, taint, taste, tempering, thought, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, too few, total immersion, touch, trace, trickle, vestige, volatilization, watering, wetting

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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